Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I finally got around to ink this pinup. Most of it was done while I was sat at my table at the comic convention in Bristol last weekend.

Someone took a picture of me while I was sketching and I didn't even realise it :)


Dave Williams said...

Hey Jimmy, that's my pic as you were working on my wife's sketch. Just wanted to say I read Half Dead and really enjoyed it, very "Ultraviolet" (the great TV show not the awful movie) feel to it...that's high praise indeed from me :)

Look forward to seeing you for another sketch in Birmingham!

jimbott said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the message. I will indeed be in Birmingham, but I may just put my sketches up to £4 instead of £3. Hope people still think it's worth the money. LOL

There is definitely a little of channel 4's 'Ultraviolet' series in 'Half Dead', with a little 'blade' and a little bit of influence from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 in places.

I really enjoyed the fact the Coopers wrote them as the traditional vampires with a weakness to crosses, hymns and holy water.

Hopefully, at some point we'll get the sequel together out and on the shelves :)

See you in Birmingham

Unknown said...

Hey Jimmy!
Thanks for going to my place and for your words in letters! So happy you liked it!
Your latest work is great!
All the best!

Afua Richardson said...

dude , i already told you but that pin up rocks..hey -- i didnt know you had tattoos.. i dont ebven have my ears pierced :[


I tried leaving this in your DW box-


I checked out your site. I never know who is who on here anymore to be honest.

I like your stuff man.Nice and clean.

I love the way you handle backgrounds.I have your blog clicked into my favs. I will check it out time to time.

Keep on keeping on."


Anonymous said...

JIMMY! what a bad ass sporting the tatts! I think this is the first time I have seen a picture of you where it isn't that same old myspace picture you've had up forever.